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Vibrant Electric 

Originating from the Baton Rouge area, our CEO Samuel Maggio comes from 3 generations of licensed electricians. Growing up in the industry it allowed him to learn from a very young age and excel above the rest. Vibrant Electric aims to bring experience, excellence, integrity, and honesty to every client. From small service calls to commercial jobs, we treat them all with the same value. Our desire is to see every clients dream for their home/job come to life with light.

This is what makes our job worth it all! 

Our Process

Our process is very simple. After upon contacting Vibrant Electric, we will set up an initial meeting to go over the desired projects. From this point we will put together a plan/design and provide a free estimate.

(Estimates within long distance counties may require a small fee.)


Service Calls 

Have an outlet that keeps tripping? Want to hide those wires behind your TV? Need your panel replaced?

That's what we're here for!

Electric Cables

Safety Inspections

The fire alarm is great,  but what if we could prevent it from ever going off? Give us a call for a full electrical inspection of your home to ensure you and your family safety!

Install / Repair

We are a Generac certified install company along with certified to work on your generac products! 


Landscape Lighting

Want to bring your landscape to life? Want more light surrounding your home fro safety, but want it to compliment your home?

Give  us a call for landscape lighting!


Our Quality Guarantee

We stand firm to be known for our quality of work. When we started this company our desire was not to provide just another service that lacked quality, while chasing quantity. We have 3 core values at Vibrant Electric.

Quality, Honor, & Integrity.

Provide quality work, honor our clients, and be full of integrity.

We aspire to firmly stand on these core values while providing the best service possible. Whether it be lighting up your landscape, installing lights, or providing electrical services......

We guarantee our to give it our all to see your home come to life. 

Let us light up your world.
Tell us about your project today.

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